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Customise your van's LOok

Styling Upgrades And Modifications:

Crystal Custom Campers offer you a huge range of styling services to make your VW stand out and turn heads.

We fit all types of suspension systems - air, coilovers and lowering springs.

We also fit Sportline front splitters, DRL's, spoilers and much more.   

We also offer full van re-spray and colour coding services, and interior trim improvements.

Sportline front splitters

Achieve a great new sporty look to your T5 by installing the Sportline front splitter.

Include with that some DRL's and you cannot help but to be impressed with the results and the difference.


Air suspension can provide excellent ride comfort as well as allowing different ride heights suitable for many terrain types. It can of course transform the "look" of your vehicle.

Fitting Coilovers or Lowering springs is another option to lower your ride.

We can provide and install several alternatives systems for all of the above


Interior Trim

If you wish to give your interior trim a luxury feel, everything is possible!

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