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HiLo Surf Roof Installations:

Alongside the awesome HiLo Sport, HiLo now offers the HiLo Surf which is another great option for those who's budget can't stretch to the Sport version.

We would encourage you to speak to previous customers, and visit the HiLo website, but we can highlight below many great reasons to choose Crystal Custom Campers to fit you a HiLo Surf roof*

*Statistics/Facts taken from HiLo website 

1) Light weight but super-strong, one-piece composite subframe

2) Discreet, low profile when closed – sits just 35mm off standard van roof, without compromising strength of the roof shell, and glides under 2m car park barriers with ease – even on standard suspension!

3) No thick rubber ring required to seat/ seal roof thanks to our patented ‘in the gutter’ design

4) VW faithful, ribbed roof shell – vacuum moulded, reinforced & convex crowned so as not to hold water

5) Fully fitted in 2-3 days, not 5 – no laminating & minimal sealing/ trimming required. Kit supplied ready to install, with subframe trial fit tested in a factory van

6) No loss in standing height or seated headroom over a standard VW panel van

7) Simple, minimal effort ‘push up to self elevate & pull down to close’ operation with fast stowage time

8) No chunky front ‘pod’ bonded above windscreen – custom extruded slimline spoiler instead

9) Twin front lock-down system instead of nylon straps – offers infinite tension control & ensures smooth, quiet motoring

10) Factory look, custom moulded front headliner featuring neat recesses to hide controls – these flush behind sunvisors when not in use

11) Heavy duty, 2-berth bi-fold bed included – not a £350+ optional extra/ upgrade

12) Full 1400mm front ‘lift’ – means you can comfortably sit up straight to enjoy the HiLo sun deck


What We Do

13) High quality, lightweight, highly water resistant canvas – with advanced UV & mildew resistant properties, and ‘easy pull in’ mechanism. Available in a wide range of colours

14) 3 x windows, each with an interior blind and a clear plastic, all weather window pane. There is also a midge mesh ventilation above the front window.

15) Biggest tent cubic capacity (sleeping/ play space) of any mid-range roof

16) A 40mm mattress can live permanently upstairs

17) Huge bed surface area of 2030mm (length) x 1170mm (width) in LWB – plus an extra 750mm with the sturdy sliding hatch engaged, giving an unprecedented 2780mm total length!

18) Honeycomb foam lined roof shell – for effective insulation/ sound deadening & added strength

19) Gas struts positioned to give a clear, unobstructed view out of both side windows

20) Longest/ widest walk through of any budget or mid-range roof – measuring 2500mm long x 920mm wide between soffits

21) Traditional rather than slim scissor type hinges at the rear – means zero bounce/ sway with roof closed/ open, no delay in operation, and no way for the canvas to get caught in hinges

22) Accepts all mainstream units/ furniture – no requirement to modify driver side rear locker

23) Will accept all conventional roof rail systems – and take the weight of your racks/ boxes & contents, kayaks/ surfboard etc

24) No bolts/ washers or fixings on show

25) Sliding hatch included in price – and designed/ strengthened to further maximise bed space

26 )3-year manufacturers warranty

27) 100% designed, developed & manufactured here in the UK

28) Fits all tailgate & barn door equipped T5-6’s

29) Can replace all other ‘up on top’ elevating roof systems

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