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M1 Pull Tested on a smart floor

Slide Rail Bed Systems:

Crystal Custom Campers have spend years designing, testing and perfecting our very own slide reail bed system to perfectly complement the popular HiLo roofs system.

Let us share with you below 14 great reasons why you should choose this system over our competitor's slide rail seat/bed systems.


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1) Headroom Maximization Design

Our rail bed system has been designed to allow plenty of headroom even when a Hilo roof is installed and closed. When seated, a tall adult still has plenty of headroom with the Hilo roof closed, which cannot be said about many other seat/bed systems, let alone a rail system.

2) M1 Pull Tested on Smart Floor

We have several fully M1 tested variants of the slide rail bed system and are in the process of taking all versions through M1 testing.

3) Fantastic Pricing

Starting at £4,150 fully fitted and upholstered in VW Fabric, it is without doubt the best value slide rail bed system on the market today

4) Flexible Locking System 

Another feature that stands head and shoulders above our competitors is the ability to move and lock the seat in almost any position along the rails in the vehicle. No choosing between two or three positions with this system!

5) 6-Point Locking Mechanism

You can be assured that when locked down, the slide rail seat/bed is locked down! 

6) Simple Quick Lock and Release Mechanism

We have ensured that it is as easy to unlock the bed as it is to lock it down, with our excellent quick lock and release handles. Extremely practical and no need for strength and agility to be able to move the seat/bed with ease.

7) Ease of Removal

Unlike most other slide rail seat/bed systems on the market, the seat/bed can be unlocked and removed from the vehicle at any point along the rails, and not just from the front.

This is far simpler than most systems out there, and has many practical benefits as you can imagine.

8) Optional Additional Double Seat 

An additional double seat (incl. seatbelt fixings) can be added to our rail system to safely increase the number of passengers you are able to travel with. Adding and removing can be done without having to remove any other seats.

9) Multiple Width and Length Options

The slide rail seat/bed system comes in four width sizes and in both a 6' and 7' length option

10) Electric and Manual Versions

You have the option of electric or manual seat/bed operation up and down.

11) Rail System Lockable Fixings

Crystal custom campers can provide additional "lockables" that will allow bicycles and other heavy cargoes to be safely and securely transported in your van with ease

12) 2 year "no quibble" warranty on bed and fittings

13) Available for SWB and LWB VW Transporters and Ford Transit Customs

14) 100% designed and manufactured here in the UK

Practicality by Design

Our rail bed system has been designed to be simple to operate by young and old, whether it be sliding it back and forth, setting up the bed or removing from the vehicle altogether.


Check out the amazing video demonstrations below.

Crystal Custom Campers Slide Rail Seat/Bed System

CCC Slide Rail Bed 1
CCC Slide Rail Bed 1
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video-full width slide rail
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Rail bed in and out
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slide rail out and bed folded
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Rail Bed System Videos
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