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Performance Upgrades And Maintenance:

Crystal Custom Campers are (as you would expect) professional and qualified mechanics, and offer all the services you would want from an experienced garage and workshop.

We offer MOT's, vehicle repair and services, through to engine re-mapping and more. 

Engine Re-mapping:

Engine re-mapping is actually the recalibration of the Engine Management Control system (ECU)


Typical re-map results for the T5.1 2.0 TDI:

- The 84 and 102 bhp models can be re-mapped to 160 bhp, with torque increases from 200/250nM to 360 nM respectively.

- The 140 bhp model can be re-mapped to 175 bhp, with torque from 340 nM to 420 nM.

- The 180 bhp model can be re-mapped to 209 bhp, with torque from 400 nM to 435 nM.

Vehicle Repair and Maintenance:

Should you be unfortunate enough need any bumps or scrapes to your pride and joy repairing, then we are ready and able to put things right in our well equipped workshop.

We also provide full services to help keep your ride performing at maximum efficiency and running smoothly.

Repair and MOT
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