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Truly original and practical seat bed solutions

M1 Tested Rail and Fixed Seat Bed Systems:

Crystal Custom Campers have designed and tested some truly original set bed systems, including standard and electric 1200 slide rail system and 7' electric beds for the taller camper. We offer of course standard fixed 6' two seat M1 "Pull Tested" beds, as well as two and three seat electric beds.


All of the seat bed systems are designed specifically to complement the HiLo Sport roof conversion, by being 4-5'' lower than most other seat bed systems, allowing sufficient headroom in the back for the tallest of passengers.

Click on the button to see 14 great reasons to buy our slide rail seat/bed system and to take a look at some short videos of them in action. 


We can have the seating upholstered for you in standard VW cloth, Vinyl, Leather or in any other suitable material you desire, in an array of colours and patterns

Other Seat Bed Systems:

Should you have any other seat bed system in mind, we can source and fit it for you​​

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