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Hand-built And Highest Quality Bespoke Furniture:

The extremely high quality of Crystal Custom Campers bespoke and hand-built furniture comes down to the cutting-edge materials we use, combined with fantastic carpentry and joinery experience and expertise within our team.

Every interior is designed and built to the needs of the customer, ranging from full kitchen, cupboard and wardrobe sets and day van furniture, to removable pods and individual units.

Just as impressive are the materials we use, that come in matte, high gloss and textured finishes.

We can offer the standard leading brand Vohringer and Decalan ply units, and uniquely to Crystal Campers, our outstanding "Armourtec" units.

The "Armourtec surfaces are proven to far more durable and hard-wearing than the typical popular materials, while being absolutely stunning in appearance. 

You will NOT be accidentally scratching this furniture with keys or cutlery!  

Check out our impressive demonstration video here:

We are truly flexible when it comes to what we can offer, and will always go the extra mile to design and build the bespoke interior you desire.

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Camper Furniture:

Designed to meet the demands for storage, space and practicality when camping while maximizing available space.

Typically comprising of kitchen unit (sink & fridge), standing and overhead storage units and wardrobe, with a multitude of styles and finishes available, including our outstanding "Armourtec" surfaces.

Day Van Furniture:

Designed typically with less storage capacity in mind, allowing great design and layout flexibility without compromising on comfort, practicality and quality. 

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Pods and Individual Units:

For maximum flexibility and something different to the traditional camper interior, you can opt for fixed or fully removable "pod" units. They can be designed to subtly house sinks and cookers, or simply provide the storage you need from time to time while retaining maximum space and/or seating capacity in your van

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